ADA Transition Planning

The City of Republic is currently in the process of self-evaluating all programs, services and activities for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. With the information that is gathered and analyzed, a Transition Plan will be produced which will be used in the years to come to eliminate barriers to fully inclusive local government.

To ensure general public input and perspective, the City will be establishing an advisory committee comprised of Republic citizens to help prioritize those programs, services and activities that have been recognized. Becoming a member of this committee will be a great opportunity for those who have valuable knowledge of public facilities and services to help city staff make Republic a better place for all who live here.

Citizen input and comment will remain important throughout the transition planning process. Members will be highly encouraged to attend six monthly meetings to be held between June and November 2016. If you are a Republic citizen and are interested in assisting your government with providing the best service it can for those who live here, you are invited to contact the city’s ADA Coordinator using the contact information below.

Please help us as we work to ensure the City of Republic is accessible to all visitors and citizens alike!

Jerry D. Kendall
ADA Coordinator
City of Republic
(417) 732-3165