Areas of Severe Weather Refuge

Volunteer Operated
The City of Republic Office of Emergency Management (ROEM) partners with the Republic School District for FEMA sheltering and local churches to provide below grade refuge during severe weather. 

FEMA Approved Shelter
The best shelter for you and your family is in a FEMA approved safe-room or a commercial storm shelter, complying with FEMA guides, at your residence. The citizens of the City of Republic have access to the Republic School District FEMA shelter at Sweeny Elementary.

Below Grade Refuge Shelters

The volunteer below grade refuge areas do not comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 361 Design and Construction Guidance for Community Shelters. They do offer below grade refuge for a total of approximately 145 people housed in the two facilities. These are volunteer facilities that are opened at the request of Republic Office of Emergency Management. The Republic OEM provides shelter coordinators to work as liaisons between the facilities and the City of Republic providing recordkeeping and a means of emergency communication.

The ROEM attempts to have these facilities open prior to activation of the Outdoor Notification System.