Burning Ordinances

It is allowed in the City of Republic for its residents to burn natural material inside the city limits. However the following guidelines need to be followed and the Republic Fire Department needs to be contacted before burning. You may contact the Republic Fire Department at 417-732-3800. The City of Republic burning ordinances are as follows:

Burning Ordinance
The open burning of leaves, tree trimmings, and untreated lumber may be permitted only when it can be shown that such open burning is the only feasible method of disposal and that the disposal is in the public interest. Any person intending to engage in such open burning shall file a request to do so with the Director of Solid Waste Management, City of Republic, Missouri, and the application shall state the following:
  • The name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the application
  • The type of business or activity involved
  • The type, quantity, and composition of material to be burned
  • When and where the open burning will occur
  • Reasons why open burning is the only feasible method of disposal and why disposal is in the public interest
Upon approval of the application by the Director of Solid Waste Management, or his agents, the person may proceed with the operation without being in violation of these ordinances, but such approval shall not exempt the applicant from the pro¬visions of any other law, ordinance or regulation. Nothing in this ordinance may be construed to permit open burning which causes injury to health, damage to property, or interferes with the enjoyment of life or constitutes a hazard to vehicular or air traffic, nor which violates any other ordinances.

Department of Natural Resources
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) unregulated includes: natural materials in piles not larger than 45 cubic feet or three foot high by three foot wide by 5 foot long. As of 2008 they allow processed wood scraps that have never had any type of chemical treatment including paint.

In the State of Missouri, Agriculture is exempted from all burning regulations. So within the City of Republic if the property is zoned agricultural, as much is in the former Village of Brookline, there are no regulations on their burning. The Fire Department should still be notified when a brush pile or a field is lit in order to stop emergency responses to calls made by passersby.

It shall be unlawful for any person to burn solid waste unless an approved incinerator is provided, or unless a variance has been obtained from the Director of solid waste management of the City of Republic, or unless such burning is for outdoor, non commercial preparation of food, campfires, or other fires used solely for recreational purposes or ceremonial occasions as long as such fires are comprised only of firewood, kindling, charcoal, or such other substance ordinarily used to start and maintain such fire.