Adult & Senior Programs


Adult Programming

  1. Arthritis Exercise Program
  2. Senior Trips
  3. Senior Movies
  4. Walking Club
  5. Wellness Program
  6. Wii Bowling
  7. Yoga @ The Amp
  8. Gardening Classes
The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, also known as AFEP, is low-impact physical activity program proven to reduce pain and decrease stiffness. Classes include gentle range-of-motion exercises that are suitable for every fitness level and ability along with a joint warm-up, balance and endurance exercises, and a relaxation period at the end of class.  This enjoyable and motivational exercise program helps to keep joints flexible, muscles strong, increases energy, and improves overall well-being.  Classes are taught by a trained program leader. 

Who is Eligible? With the consent of his/her physician, any adult with any type of arthritis may participate. Participants must be able to independently work with assistive devices (if used) or, if in a wheelchair, adults must be able to transfer to a straight-backed chair. Exercises can supplement, but should not replace, any exercises prescribed by a doctor or therapist.  

  • Program Available For: Adults/Seniors
  • Program Registration: No Registration Required
  • Session Dates:  
  • Spring Session: March 15-May 5 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1:30-2:30 PM)
  • Summer Session #1: June 7-June 28 (Tuesdays @ 1:30 PM)
  • Summer Session #2: July 12-August 2 (Tuesdays @ 1:30 PM)
  • Fall Session:  August 30-November 3 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1:30-2:30 PM)
  • Program Location: Republic Community Center
  • Program Fee: Free
For additional information or questions on this program, please contact the Republic Community Center front desk at (417) 732-3500.