Any property owner wishing to have their property rezoned from an existing land use to a new one must complete and submit a Rezoning Application to the City's BUILDS Department.


Step One

Before submitting an Application for Rezoning, the City requires that the applicant first schedule an appointment with BUILDS Department staff to discuss the proposed action. To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 417-732-3150.

Step Two

Submit the following to the City, along with the completed Application, upon request for rezone:
  • Warranty Deed for the property
  • Operations Documentation for owning entity (if owned by a LLC, Trust, or other) describing who may make decisions relating to the change of land use. 
  • Legal Description of the property in .doc format submitted through any standard medium.
  • An application fee of $500 is due at the time of application.
Additional fees to be billed to applicant during legal notification process:
  • Postage: Fee calculated by the City based on the number of notices to be sent by Certified Mail as required by State Statute. Invoiced to the Applicant prior to the Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Publication: Invoiced to the Applicant prior to the Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission

Step Three

The Community Development Department's Technical Review Team will review the proposed Rezoning and provide the Applicant with any questions or comments.

Step Four

The Community Development Department will arrange for publication of the “Notice of a Public Hearing” in a local newspaper (Republic City Code Sec. 405.980). This notice will indicate the date of the Public Hearing and the notice must be published at least 15 days prior to the first Public Hearing. The Applicant will be invoiced by the City for the cost of publication with the newspaper.
The City will send letters by certified return receipt mail to notify all property owners within 185 feet of the property proposed for rezoning.           

Step Five

The Public Hearing will be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. At the Public Hearing, all interested parties may appear and speak in favor or to protest the special use. The Technical Review Team will provide a Staff Report to the Commissioners. The Planning and Zoning Committee will vote on a “yes” or “no” recommendation to be forwarded to the Republic City Council.

Step Six

At the following regular scheduled meeting of the Republic City Council, the ordinance will have an initial first reading.  A second reading and vote will occur at the subsequent meeting.  If the vote is in favor of the ordinance, it is then signed by the appropriate City officials and is in full force and effect from that day forward.