Planning & Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission Information


  • Ransom Ellis, Chairman
    Appointed June 9, 2014
    Phone: 417-732-6971
  • Garry Wilson, Council Liaison
    Appointed June 13, 2016
    Phone: 417-732-2827
  • Brandon Andrews, Vice-Chairman
    Appointed June 19, 2018
    Phone: 417-720-0918
  • Randy Phelps
    Appointed August 21, 2018
    Phone: 417-830-6846
  • Kevin Haun
    Appointed June 19, 2018
    Phone: 573-433-6622
  • Erik Pedersen
    Appointed June 19, 2018
    Phone: 417-894-5258
  • Cynthia Hyder
    Appointed November 6, 2018
    Phone: 417-459-5612
  • Chris Crosby
    Appointed November 3, 2020
    Phone: 417-380-6558 

About the Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven citizens appointed by the Mayor with the majority approval of the City Council. All members of the Commission shall be residents of the City, and membership of the Commission shall consist of at least one representative from each Ward within the City. Members of the Commission shall serve a four-year term.

The Planning and Zoning Commission typically meets the second Monday of every month to review and make recommendations to the City Council for approval or denial of Rezoning cases, Preliminary Plats, Special Use Permits, and Amendments to the Zoning Regulations and the Subdivision Regulations. The Commission's primary responsibility is to create, adopt and amend a Comprehensive Plan to guide the development of the City.

Planning and Zoning meetings are held in the new City Council Chambers located within the Republic Police Department, 540 Civic Boulevard.   See the meeting schedule below for 2021 meeting dates.

Meeting Schedule
Planning and Zoning Meetings are held once a month on Monday nights.
January 11
February 8
March 8
April 12
May 10
June 7
July 12
August 9
September 13
October 12
November 8
December 6

Packets for Upcoming and Previous Meetings

Each month the BUILDS Department publishes the Agenda for the month's meeting and combines materials related to that meeting's agenda items into one document. These documents become available prior to each meeting. You may access past and upcoming packets on the P&Z Agenda Tracker page here.