Message from the Mayor


mayorsignatureJeff Ussery

Mayor, City of Republic

On behalf of the City of Republic, I want to welcome you to our community.  Republic, Missouri is the 45th largest city in Missouri. Republic is located in the Southwest region of the state and our population is approximately 16,000.  We anticipate a significant population increase as a result of the 2020 census.  

Republic, Missouri is ‘on the grow’ with new businesses and housing developments on the rise.  We contribute the growth of our city to our defined Mission of being progressively aggressive through Processes, Relationships, and Trust as well as our Vision of growing together by always doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason.  These fundamentals are our driving force on a daily basis.

As a tenured resident of Republic, my affection for this city remains constant.  The City of Republic celebrated many events this past year as well as achieved many results.  Businesses such as Flat Creek, Panda Express, Big Whiskeys, ROI and Lews have been a welcome addition to our community.   Overall, 2018 was not only an exciting year but impactful as our community continues to grow.  We wait with anticipation as the new year initiates because we know ‘There is More’ for our great community.

Our City Council had the pleasure of welcoming two new Council members in 2018, Matthew Russell and Eric Franklin.  Our City Council takes pride in their leadership and understands their responsibility to the citizens that elected them.

Most of all, thank you to all of the citizens of Republic who make our community so spectacular.  We appreciate your dedication and support for an even brighter tomorrow.

All the best,
Mayor Jeff Ussery