Message from the Mayor

Matthew Russell

Matt Russell

Mayor, City of Republic

In 2021 our city welcomed Amazon, Convoy of Hope, dozens of new businesses and hundreds of new residents. With all of this growth, the rest of Missouri noticed. We are one of the fastest-growing areas in the State! We celebrated 150 years and kept our promise to erect a sign that lets everyone know what to expect when they come into Republic. You, our citizens, rallied in support of our law enforcement and firefighters with the overwhelming passage of the Public Safety Sales Tax.

In 2021, we hit it out of the park.

In 2022, we are going to keep on doing what has been working for us. That means investment in roads, in water, in public safety and our schools. We’ll work to move State Highway MM to handle increased traffic and make it five lanes all the way to I-44. We’ll undertake an overhaul of our wastewater treatment plant to not only bring us into compliance, but to set us up for future growth. We’ll be hiring police officers and firefighters that you voted for, putting more officers on the street and firefighters ready to respond to create a safer Republic.

As we celebrate the growth you helped us achieve, in 2022 we will continue to lead through our common sense and values so that you continue to enjoy a familiar, but hopefully even better, version of this place we are lucky enough to call home.
-Mayor Matthew Russell