Permit Tracker Dashboard

Below you will find the City of Republic Permit Dashboard.  
This tool represents the City’s effort to make information more accessible and our processes more transparent.  The Permit Dashboard captures a wide range of statistics that are represented by numeric indicators (like the one showing "Avg. Review Time" of permits) and charts.  It also contains an interactive map, which will display differently depending on how the Permit Dashboard is used.  There is also a list that will show the most recent 35 permits.  

All of these tools are "smart", meaning they can be interacted with to filter the information presented by the rest of the Permit Dashboard. For example, clicking on the Pie Chart slice labeled "Fence" will cause data relating to any other type of permit to be excluded from the indicators, list, map, and other charts.  By clicking on the same slice again the filter is removed and the dashboard returned to its original state.  Multiple slices (or bars) of charts may be used in unison for filtering, providing a range of ways to parse the information.

The Permit Dashboard tracks all New Residential Building Permits and all Minor Commercial and Residential Permits. Through it you can find permit information relating to construction or work for:

  • New Single-Family Homes
  • Duplexes
  • Home Additions and Remodels
  • Mechanical/Electric/Plumbing sytems
  • Solar Panel installation
  • Fences
  • Swimming Pools (Above–  and In–Ground)
  • Decks and Porches
  • Accessory Buildings/Structures
  • Temporary Structures
  • Minor Commercial Infill
  • Signs
  • Change of Occupancy for Commercial Businesses
  • Demolitions

Select any element in a graph, chart, or map below to filter the remaining data on the dashboard. An in-depth guide providing further instruction for using the Permit Dashboard is in the works and will be accessed through this page upon completion.

***Please allow a moment for the dashboard to completely load***