Building Permits

A building permit may be applied for with the Republic Planning and Development Department. Applications are available online (PDF), or at 204 North Main Avenue in Republic, Missouri. Applications will be processed within 48 hours of submittal. Those received after noon will be considered received the following business day.

Building Permit Fees

*As of February 1999, Subdivision Developers are required to install water meter pits and setters when the subdivision is constructed. However, in areas platted prior to that date, the City will install the water meter pits and setters at the Developer’s request.
Type of Fee
Amount of Fee
Permit Priced by the Square Foot
Plan Review Fee $50
Water Impact Fee $250
Wastewater Impact Fee
Water Connection Inspection Fee $50
Wastewater Connection Inspection Fee $50
Water Meter (5/8' or 3/4'), Pit, & Accessories Fee