Accessory Buildings/Structures

Accessory Buildings or Structures are considered to be any building or structure placed on the property that is not attached to the home (or other principal structure).

Common Accessory Structures include, but are not limited to, detached garages, carports, and sheds.

Application Process

 A complete and accurate site plan showing the building location on the lot with respect to any existing structures, along with required setbacks from the side and rear lot lines, is required with the permit application. Please review the Accessory Building Guidelines available on the reverse of the application prior to beginning your project.  Application forms are available at the following link: Accessory Building Permit Application.

Building Restrictions/Guidelines

  • Accessory structure can be built in rear yards only and cannot have sidewalls over 15 feet measured from the bottom of the bottom plate to the top of the top plate. Sidewalls greater than 12 feet may alter required setbacks (see: chart below)
  • Accessory structures to a residence on a single property shall not singularly or in total exceed 7% of the total area of the lot. No accessory building may exceed an area of 6,000 square feet for every five acres of property. Multiple structures are allowed.
  • Side yard and rear yard setbacks are a minimum of three to six feet, depending on height (see chart below).  Setbacks are measured from the drip line of the building roof to the property line. No accessory structures shall be erected within ten feet of the existing house unless that structure not enclosed by walls or is a swimming pool (see: swimming pool).
  • All concrete slab-on-grade (monolithic slab) foundations and conventional foundations will have a footing a minimum of eight inches thick, a minimum of 18 inches below finished grade. Wooden foundations will be constructed of pressure treated lumber.
  • Buildings with sewer and water facilities must have the respective pipe ditches separated by ten feet. Ditches for sewer and water will be a minimum of 18 inches deep.

Graduated Increase in Accessory Structure Sidewall Height

City Ordinance 405.640(c) (7)
Distance From Nearest Property Line
Maximum Sidewall Height
≥ 3 feet and < 4 feet 12 feet
≥ 4 feet and < 5 feet 13 feet
≥ 5 feet and < 6 feet 14 feet
≥ 6 feet  15 feet

Permit Fees

The permit fee for accessory buildings is calculated by the total square footage of the structure multiplied by the ICC Building Valuation Data Table formula. 

More Information

Permit applications are available at the City of Republic’s Community Development Department, located at 204 North Main Avenue (across from City Hall).

To schedule inspections, please call the City’s Inspection Hot-Line at 417-732-3170. For further information, call 417-732-3150.