When I call 911 or the Police Department, what do I need to tell them?
The dispatcher will ask several questions. It is important that you listen to the dispatcher and follow their directions. Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you it is OK to hang up. They will need to know as much as you can tell about the following:

- What has occurred or is occurring?

- Location or activity?

- When did it occur, or is it occurring now?

- Are there any injuries?

- Were / are there any weapons involved?

- Are there any associated vehicles? (license, color, make, year, body style, wheel type)

- Suspect description? (sex, race, age, height, weight, hair, eyes, glasses, tattoos, marks, scars, complexion, hat, coat, shirt, pants, shoes)

- If the vehicle and / or suspect has fled, the direction of travel?

- Suspect(s) name if known

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3. When I call 911 or the Police Department, what do I need to tell them?
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